About me

Hi, I’m Jeremy. I’m a product designer, code tinkerer, and creative experimenter living the PNW life in Seattle.

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Currently, I’m leading design over at Gatsby JS, a web framework for building blazing fast sites (and much more). Before Gatsby, I worked on large-scale design systems, enterprise and data analytics software, and voice assistants at Microsoft. And, before Microsoft, I worked at IBM design building out mobile applications.

While much of my professional career has revolved around digital, corporate products, I also have a soft spot for print. In 2014, my partner and I started a magazine called Woven Magazine that centers around creative professionals and their endeavors. To date, we have launched a total of 4 print issues.

Though a designer by trade, I began an adventure into coding in late 2017 and have gravitated to all things Javascript, React, and Gatsby. I have a special passion for the Venn diagram of design and development relationships, and how each of these fields can make me better in the other. At the heart of it, I love to create and bring visions to life, overseeing and enhancing the end to end process of design to development.

I can be found on the Twittersphere and producing side projects on Github. Drop me a line, say hi, or hit me up for a coffee chat.